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Yonatan Memorial Site

300 sq. m.

The Yonatan Memorial Site was built in memory of Yonatan Rosenman, who was killed in the holding actions battles in Ramat HaGolan. The Memorial site was built in 1981 by the construction department of the National Kibbutz and was established in Yonatan village in Ramat HaGolan. The site is a living monument, which also functions as a multi-purposed cultural hall as well.

Yonatan Memorial Site was planned with the concept of a monument with an inner space, which enables active memorialization throughout the year. Such conception was the outcome of an architect-client dialogue.
The memorial structure is a trimmed cone which refers to the traditional image of growth that had been "cut off", and that of an ascent towards the sky. The structure also draws inspiration from its surrounding landscape of Ramat HaGolan mounds with their trimmed coned form. The spiral cone also represents divergence on one hand, and convergence on the other.

The spiral cone brings to the inner space of the memorial site the dynamic dimension of its natural movement, completed by the top light opening, which creates a dynamic stain of light on the building`s floor, influenced by the sun

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