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Buildings all over the world are the main consumers of energy and the main cause of the depletion of natural resources,  they produce most of the waste as well (approximately 30-40 % of total energy intake meaning about 60 % of electricity, about 40-50 % of the raw materials , about 30-35 % of greenhouse gas emissions and about 40-60 % of waste generation). Consequently, the agenda of green building is gaining a significant public foothold along with the increasing trend of sports and consumption of healthy food there is a stronger tendency to design healthier buildings. These buildings are ecologically oriented in matters such as land, water, air and energy, and help with the integration between man and nature as well.

"Green" architecture is a sustainability architecture which takes into account the natural conditions, topography and climate of place, conserves energy and natural resources, protects public health and welfare in the long term. It deals, inter alia, with combining environmental aspects in the planning and execution system- while causing minimal damage to the surroundings.
"Green" architecture is not a fad or a passing trend, it is an established approach of proper design it keeps natural resources from pauperization while supplying the needs and ensuring them for future generations.


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