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Sderot Center Town Renewal Plan

300 hectares, 7,000 R. units

Plan Objectives

  • Decreasing the gap between existing communities and new neighborhoods.
    Improving the quality of life.

  • Upgrading physical and social connections between different parts, while creating affinity and continuity.

  • Improving surrounding’s appearance, residence and foundations.

  • Preserving and improving the nature of the main streets while considering the community character of the city

  • Tightening the connection of the Sapir college with the existent neighborhoods.

  • Integration of the scheme.

  • Creating interest for new strong populations: attractive environments.

  • Creating chain reaction effect.

  • Providing economic solutions for the long-term maintenance of public system.
    The suggested implantation is to create a chain of new projects supporting each other in order to form a unique new image for the city. The scheme`s main subject is to create a reinforcement of "Yahadut italia-Ygaal alon-Herzel" st. route on one side, and the city center and Begin st. at the same time. The scheme would provide an outline for the other projects.

  • Among the planned projects: students dormitories at the center of the city, strengthening the main route and city center, connecting the city center and planned dormitories to the college and tightening the sides of the grove located at the city center.

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