Kiryat Yam

Savyonim Elementary School

3,000 sq. m.

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"Savyoney Yam" neighborhood is a new neighborhood which includes high-rise buildings and low private building (ground level). The neighborhood is located in the northeast of Kiryat Yam (corner of Ha'arazim Street and Ha'ilanot Trees)
The School includes 18 main classes and 2 special education classes for a total of 720 students.

Design Principles:

  • Placing the student in the center as the end-user and the primary client.

  • Create levels of activity and separate movement for the different populations:

    • Students

    • Teachers

    • Service Providers

    • Guests/parents

    • Community activity

  • Planning the school as mini-city: Houses, Streets, SquaresPublic institutions

  • Meeting the changing educational methods by creating maximum flexibility in planning.

  • Addressing varied age range cross-section.

  • Separation of ages by dividing into three houses (divisions)

  • Using public passages not only as a "tube", but as a space for gathering and studying in addition to functioning as a passageway.

  • Creating a supportive and inspirational environment.

  • Using materials adapted to high erosion while creating special solutions arising from the proximity to the sea and the consequent high corrosion.

  • Division of the building by different noise levels creating optimum acoustic conditions.

  • Providing proper working conditions for teachers.

  • Adjusted orientation to the wind, the sun and the sea breeze.

  • Create maximum compactness.

  • Optimal gross - net ratios.

  • Division into "quarters".

  • Modularity (module 1.20) to create flexibility.

  •  Creating different levels of privacy in the building.

  • Creating a building that operates all the senses.

  • Energy conservation using passive thermal mass, shading, ventilation and natural light.

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