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The Riviera compound is located on the west coast of the Sea of Galilee, an area rich of archeological sites dating thousands of years back. The rich past and layers of old settlements combined with the beautiful location overlooking the sea and the Golan Mountains led us through the different planning state.

The resort contains 800 basic residential units in standard size of 32sqm that comply with the Ministry of Tourism regulation. The plan's flexibility allows the modification of the unit into larger suits.

Different heights and levels with upper passageway that allow free movement between public spaces and private holiday units were inspired by digging sites. We used the location's main asset – the view – and planned all units to face the Sea of Galilee. This resulted in an open space under some of the residential units, that were converted into public use.

Wooden decks cleanly integrate in the natural landscape and walkaways that lead from the residential units to the beach provide natural ventilation and breeze and comply adhere to the principles of green building.

We kept the natural flora and kept development on the beach to bare minimum: the east side of the complex meets the Kinneret trail and light shading solutions are provided on the beach. Two piers were planned for the south side of the beach. One is to be used for light watersports and a restaurant and the other for motorized watersports.   

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