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Reservations Bridge

300 m

The  bridge is located in south Netanya over Ben Gurion Street.  Its role is a linking axis for pedestrians and cyclists between the Winter Lake Reserve in the east and the Iris Reserve in west

Special Characteristics 

  • Minimal intrusion to the reserves.

  • Continuous connection to the existing and planned trails in nature reserves. Iris Reserve is part of the Israel National Trail and incorporating the winter lake into it can be used as an added bonus in this trail.

  • Creating a sequence of trail which separates travelers from the bustle of the highway, by continuing the walk in this reserves feeling while imparting education, analog values to the population ​​passing on the bridge.

  • Bridge design as an icon at the entrance to the city.

  • Possibility of a connection between the existing and planned neighborhoods.

  • Reference to visibility and views both from those passing on the bridge and from those crossing underneath in the four directions.

  • Attention to its look in the day and in the night.

Design Principles:

  • Creating a structure that relays perpetual motion from the point of view of the pedestrian and passenger in the car passing underneath.

  • Using a complex system composed of spine, vertebrae and ribs strung along, much  a living organisem.

  • Utilizing local topography creating and maintaining landscape gradual exposure where at its peak a break overlooking the continuation of the bridge from the west as a whole on the background of the Iris Reserve and the beach.

  • Maintaining favorable slopes for bridge users, by utilizing the highest point in the eastern wall of Ben Gurion Avenue for connecting the bridge.

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