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RDF Recycling Plant

25,000 sq. m

The recycling plant sorts and separates all of the Tel Aviv area refuse to its components - especially those with high caloric value - in order to produce the RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). 
This fuel is to replace a substantial part of the fuel used now in the production process of the cement at Nesher plant Ramla. 
As part of the production process of the RDF, byproducts are created and are used for other purposes and by that contribute to the quality of the environment.

Design Principles:

  • Architectural expression of the mountain slope. 

  • Terracing the building roof for better blending with the mountain scenery. Optimal use of the plot area. 

  • Keeping the linearity of the production process, thus avoiding needless movements and ensuring minimal storage days. 

  • Exposure of the special process to the visitors. 

  • Applying green building principles and using recyclable and perishable materials as much as possible. 

  • Minimal interference with the environment and dispersing traffic loads. Reference to a suitable view from the surroundings e.g.- highway 4, the mountain etc. 

  • Fostering the "fifth elevation". 

  • Designing the stages of the building according to the implementation possibilities relating to the diversion of the Ayalon river.

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