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Departure Terminal, Ovda Airport

500 sq. m.

The building was built at Ovda airport, as a departure terminal next to an existent operative complex. 

Design Principles:

  • The interior is one big open space, covered with a steel truss and a light roof above. The truss technology allows roofing a large area as an uninterrupted open space

  • Some building systems (lighting, electricity and air conditioning) are visible, accessible, and are hanged from the truss poles accentuating the main axis.

  • The main entrance is prominent by a large window eye shaped element, which opens to the sky and horizon lighting the space with ample natural lighting.

  • The design uses elements from aerial transportation: small round windows, special colors and light materials. 

  • The focus of the space is the service counter, located in the center, overlooking and supervising all areas

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