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Oil Refineries Ltd. Master Plan

280 hectares

The refinery was established in 1938 by the treaties that were signed in the 30's between Mandatory Palestine government and the Anglo - Iranian Limited company.

According to the treaty the company received a concession for 70 years to transport, store and distill petroleum.

At the end of the concession period, in 2003, the planning authorities instructed on the preparation of a detailed statutory plan to the complex. The new plan is consistent with the guidelines of the national master plan of the south of Haifa Bay and the regional master plan for the Haifa District. Both master plans instruct that the refineries will remain in place and the purpose of the complex will fit this kind of industry.

In light of the complexity of the master plan, and its many ramifications, leading consulting firms in the country, especially in the field of health and the environment were incorporated into the preparation of the master plan. In a very long process, over the course of nearly eight years, the consultants' recommendations and requirements of various authorities have been integrated into the plan documents. The purpose of these recommendations is to significantly reduce the environmental impacts of this kind of plants and ensure a complex which is modern, controlled, safe and as high-quality as possible.

ORL area is characterized by extensive and unique activities and its operating companies are engaged in the refining and petrochemical processes.

This industry manufactures essential and important products to the economy, such as fuel for cars and airplanes, plastic packaging, toys, bedding and textiles, lanterns, oil and candles

Master Plan Objectives

  • Establish guidelines for protecting the environment and reducing risks.

  • Determining land designation for industry with special instructions and directives for this purpose in the oil refineries complex area.

  • Indication of infrastructure strips and setting instructions on how to use them.

  • Setting conservation provisions.

  • Determining green strips along the Kishon and Gadora streams.

  • Establish accessibility guidelines.

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