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Medical Center

1,110 sq.m

The medical center includes a number of complexes: emergency clinic, general clinic, specialist physician clinic and dental clinic and serves as a regional medical center.
The building footprint is located at the edge of the pedestrian street serving as the backbone of the center.
The location of the medical center at the edge was designed in order to allow entrance by vehicles while creating the privacy required for its function.
The building footprint derives from the location of the site in the changing direction point of the general building grid and also from the need to separate the various clinics and "breaking" the continuous vision lines between the access and waiting spaces.

The entrance and lobby are located at the crossroads while creating a joint between the two main wings meeting in an angle evolving from the general building grid.
The lobby, which is double height, opens in an intrusive manner to the pedestrian street on one hand and to the landscape of the stream on the other hand.
The alignment of the building evolves from the main lobby, which incorporates the waiting area before registration opens to the reception counters of the various clinics. After the initial medical classification the patients are directed to the inner waiting areas adjacent separately to each clinic.

The various doctors and treatment rooms are located along the outer envelope thus enjoying maximum external light and air. The rooms themselves are modular built ensuring the necessary flexibility for future modifications.
The inner waiting areas are illuminated from the windows of the wavy roof.
 The inner ring comprises the functions that do not require contact with the envelope such as restrooms, warehouses, briefing rooms and other service functions.
In the northern wing where the special clinics are located (such as specialist physician and dental clinic) a patio was designed functioning as a friendly and soothing element.

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