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Israel Electric Corporation HQ

60,000 sq. m.

Israel Electric Corporation HQ in central Israel is planned in the switching station site in the Soreq Rhombus.
The complex is located to the south west of Rishon LeZion, between national highway no. 4 and the 431 highway.
The area of the complex is about 210 acres.
The Project will bring together many various units of the Israel Electric Corporation -  scattered in various places in central Israel - into one large and economical complex, including: HQ of the South District and the Rishon LeZion area, Division of Logistics and Property, Marketing Division, Human Resources Division, Department of Information and Telecommunication, etc. The transfer operation will create cost savings, cancel redundancies and direct units which are currently located in expensive land areas

Design Principles:

  • Dealing with the need to combine different and conflicting functions in one site such as offices, operations, training, laboratories, logistics, workshops etc.

  • Handling different crowds such as employees, consumers, subcontractors, visitors and others.

  • Need for separation of different vehicle movements: operating vehicles, heavy vehicles, company cars, private cars.

  • Security requirements and special security due to the presence of sensitive functions (such as Encapsulation and a central computer).

  • Proximity to main roads.

  • Proximity to technical operational areas. Issues of noise, environmental quality and movement.

  • Creating a pleasant work environment, supportive and encouraging.

  • Creating an optimal functional array which is readable, organized and easy to navigate.

  • Flexibility to future alterations.

  • Optimal utilization of the plot.

  •  Best use of the geometry of the site by construction arc (maximum opening) "sitting" on two low buildings that continue the orthogonal system.

  • Emphasis on optimal efficiency and optimal gross / net ratios.

  • Separations between the offices and the operation areas.

  • Maximum contact with the shell - natural lighting and ventilation to all work rooms.

  •  Applying the principles of green building.

  • Using repeated measures and modular systems to create optimal flexibility.

  • Elegant, simple and inexpensive design.

  • Planning according to limited and predetermined budget.

  • Planning in cost/benefit orientation.

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