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260 hectares, 250,000 sq. m

IDF Central Training Complex

Planning proposal prepared in collaboration with Faitelson, Shilo, Jacobson - Architects.

IDF Central Training Complex spreads over 260 hectares and contains about 250,000 square meters of construction. It includes the generic training buildings, the schools specialized training buildings, headquarters buildings, ordnance workshops, maintenance center, the center of the camp includes integrated structure of clubs, sales center, auditorium, library, training center raining center headquarters and a residential complex.

Design Principles:

  • Separation of motor traffic and pedestrians by creating a peripheral roads ring whose center is the main pedestrian axis centered along it the training areas and public buildings (when the axis itself connects the two entrances to the camp).

  • Location of supply abundant buildings (Kitchen, logistics center, sales center, etc.) near the ring road with access to the service gate.

  • Positioning the parking areas adjacent to the ring road.

  • Maintaining reciprocal connections between the different functions.

  • Creation of the heart of the camp is set by a central square enclosed by walls of the main public buildings: dining rooms, clubs, sales center, auditorium, clinic, synagogue.

  • Maximum separation of maintenance and supply areas from the rest of the areas.

  • Densification of structures according to the principles of construction in the desert.

  • Directing the buildings and ventilation of the yards north and south and to the direction of the prevailing wind.

  • Reduction in operating costs due to correct placement of buildings.

  • Reducing Length of infrastructure and reducing walking distances.

  • Reducing the number of buildings and consolidating some of them to blocks thereby reducing the land cover and walking distances

  • Construction channels airflow and dilated wind creating shaded  and ventilated micro - climate in the functional courtyards of the buildings

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