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Israel Air Force Museum

17,000 sq. m

The IAF Museum is a unique synthesis between history, heritage, science and technology. It contains historical exhibits and multimedia experience, old and new, interior and exterior. The proposed plan interweaves a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and routes, that cater to heterogenic crowds, that change throughout the day and the year.

Three-dimensional movement allows changing horizontal and vertical viewpoints in the entire complex and in the exhibit halls in particular. Inspired by folded paper planes, the geometry of the main building simulates soaring off the ground.

The exhibition spaces are built with materials used in airport hangars and in different periods in the history of aviation. The structure's different levels, offer changing viewpoints to the exhibits and aligns with the horizontal desert landscape.

The vertical element in the center of the complex accentuates the horizontal lines and can be identified upon arrival to the parking zone. Walking down the entrance footpath gradually exposes the formation of the buildings.

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