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21-03 runways extension project at Ben Gurion airport required removal of existing infrastructures.
These infrastructures include the ground equipment complexes center, Airport Authority warehouse and the police sapper facility. Planning refers to these infrastructures.
The Ground Equipment Complex is located next to the existing square on the main road from terminal 1 to the eastern support area.

Ben-Gurion Airport

IAA Ground Equipment Complex

5,600 sq. m.

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Design Principles:

  • South to the complex an unbuilt strip was maintained as a reserve for a future service road.

  • Planning was done according to the lines of sight height limits from the control tower to landing runway 21-03.

  • The planning takes into consideration the special construction requirements of the support area.

  • Outdoor lower storage areas are concentrated in the east of the complex where the cone of vision is sloping.

  • All work cells in the building were placed in a north reference, to insure working conditions quality in place, in all seasons while - northern territories can be used for working outside, receiving northern light and ventilation on both sides.

  • The buildings themselves were designed in accordance to the other support buildings – arched roofs covered with aluminum combined with orthogonal areas made of exposed concrete.

  • The complex was planned in three parallel buildings with north-south reference:

    • A building (Northern) – includes the management complex, Airport Authority warehouse and the spare parts warehouse of the ground equipment complex.

    • B building (Central) – Including the examination departments, painting and welding workshop. Height structure varies depending on the tools and building restrictions, ranked from east to west.

    • B building (Southern) – Including the electricity departments, high loaders, lube and mechanics. Height structure varies according to the needs in coordination with garages and construction limitations.