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@ Or & Mayan, 2017


The project is located in the stock exchange area in Ramat Gan and includes a sunken roadand an underground tunnel that crosses the Elite intersection and some of the main streets of the exchange area, allowing uninterrupted movement in place including access to parking lots under the major structures like Moshe Aviv Tower and the Hayahalom Tower.

8,000 sq. m.

Hama'ayan st. Tunnel

Ramat Gan

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The tunnel is shaped in an oval section with walls and ceiling finishing made in coarse sandplaster ​​ aggregates which should provide the durability over time.
To avoid blinding drivers the tunnel route was dug in a circular manner, allowing gradual revelation "light at the end of the tunnel" enabling pupils of the eyes to gradually get used to the light.

The tunnel was dug in a hard route full of obstacles and filled with all kinds of infrastructure which are mostly unidentified and certainly do not appear in any plan.
Execution conditions were not better considering the very small areas available to the operations and the large volume of traffic passing by.