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@ Or & Mayan, 2017


Ein Sarah Dual purpose Clubhouse

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The Clubhouse aims to fulfill two of the expanding neighborhood`s needs; the first is to create an informal framework for teenagers` gatherings in the afternoon hours, and the second is to create a social gathering place for senior citizens in the morning hours. The building consists of an entrance hall, different spaces for group activities, workshops, a multi-purpose hall and several administration rooms.

 Joining the two different populations and their different times and nature of activities under one roof permits a wide and efficient usage of the building throughout the different hours of the day, with the special needs of the elderly population taken into consideration.

450 sq. m.

The main hall consists of two separate "squares" linked together, each of them assembles the activities of a specific population. The two share one core of service spaces. Activities` spaces were planned with varied dimensions, while part of it may be further divided in the future, in order to allow flexibility and to use the building for different activities as needed.