Harod Valley

Ein Harod Education Complex

8,000 sq. m.

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The project was planned by Z. Mosessco Architect and Townplanner Ltd. in collaboration with Y. Shoshany Architect and Townplanner Ltd.
The building is an education campus – regional upper secondry school for Harod valley children – an innovative and advanced school in a total area of 8,000 sq. m.

Design Principles:

  • The entrance to the school evolves from the transportation area while concentrating the movement of people coming in (by foot, shuttles or cars) to one concentrated area in the administration building and connection to the main axis leading to all areas of the campus.

  • The planning emphasizes the rural atmosphere in the place – while deepening the sense of openness and space in the area.

  • The general construction creates a place that allows good contact and interaction between teachers and students and between students and other students.

  • The building array includes, among others, a peripheral circular street around a hill – a street that connects all the buildings (including the administration) to one complex and creates the backbone of every array.

  • The construction in separated houses which also constitutes the execution stages allows the execution in stages without disrupting the function.

  • The planning is based on dual grade houses (7th-8th grade, 9th-10th, 11th-12th ).

  • The planning of the buildings took into account climatic consideration by  placing building  on a north-south direction absorbing winds which are common during working hours – especially south-western winds.

  • The buildings themselves are designed as green buildings with natural ventilation, thermal insulation and mass, natural light etc.

  • The buildings also take into account the topography and landscape while directing all classes south towards the Gilboa mountain landscape.

  • Utilizing the topographic difference to create upper and lower wings, each of them has a connection to the specific yard placed at the wing level.

  • Creating flexibility for internal changes by enabling unity and division of classrooms which are built sequentially and continually.

  • The complex includes various classrooms and rooms in different sizes thus enabling maximum flexibility in use.

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