Tel HaShomer

Center for Medical Simulation

10,000 sq. m.

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MSR: The Israel Center for Medical Simulation is the world's first national, all-embracing, "virtual" healthcare facility.

 In this virtual hospital, health professionals train in challenging simulated scenarios and reflect on and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment – without harming real patients.





  • The building will be located in the Tel Hashomer hospital next to the existing MSR building at the highest point of the medical center.

  • The building is located in the education and training area of the campus.


Design Principles:


  1. Balancing transparency and opacity where appropriate.

  2. Maximum utilization of the plot area while maintaining open green spaces in selected locations.

  3. Creating different spaces suitable to the varied training situations.

  4. Using the inner corridor as a dual purpose corridor - passageway between the different parts of the building and also as a viewing corridor.

  5. Creating a system suitable for the movement of a large number of people in a short period of time without creating a sense of density.

  6. An underground parking lot that is used in part for the visualization, investigation and study of medical situations.

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