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Composite Material Plant

14,000 sq. m.

Design Principles:

  • The plant gathers all the activities relating to the composite materials under one roof.

  • The part of composite materials used in general industrial and aeronautics industry in particular is growing - due to their low weight relative to their strength – in the aeronautical industry in which the weight of is of critical importance, the use of composite materials is increasing and its installation in various aircrafts causes considerable fuel savings.

  • The factory which is located in the center of the Israel contains, inter alia, the following key elements: cooling rooms of various raw materials in different cooling degrees, refrigeration facilities for various adhesives, "Tools" and templates areas, lobbies and clean rooms for the work itself in appropriate cleanliness levels suitable to the process, finishing and hardening areas (autoclaves and ovens of all kinds), processing and cutting areas.

  • In addition to the production floor with all its foremen and quality testers during the process  whose offices are scattered in it a large office area was designed on the second floor which houses within it the management, planning, quality assurance, administration, marketing, etc.

  • Building design expresses the horizontal lines which emphasize the length of the building on the processes taking place in it and the pauses of the vertical nucleus containing the vertical integration of transportation - stairs, elevators, plumbing, etc.

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