Afula Cultural Center

4,000 sq. m., 700 seats

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At the time, new public buildings were not to be built due to the economic situation, thus it was decided by Afula municipality to renovate the existing "Koloron" movie theater and transform it into a new complex including a cultural center and a library. Together with the public square upfront they have become the main Cultural Center for Afula and its region.
The project won the first prize in a restricted competition. Considered by professionals in the field of theater as one of the best performance halls in the country.

Except for the challenge of keeping the existing theater contour as it was, several problems were raised concerning the old theater. The area of the seats suffered from a limited view due to the theater`s floor flat structure; Hearing capability was impaired due to acoustical problems from the outside main road and from within; The entrance hall was narrow, small and incapable of containing a large number of people; The stage was small and unsuitable for performances and there was a lack of storage spaces and stage facilities.
Few actions were taken in order to solve the existing problems:

A new floor was planned in order to connect the balcony to the main seats area and organizing the seats in concentric circles, in order to allow a wider field of vision.
The new slab created a larger entrance hall, placed under it. The stage was enlarged on the expanse of the front seats` area.

An acoustical shell was hanged from the roof`s existing structure, while using the spaces between the inner shell and outer skin for storage and stage facilities that creates a barrier from the outer noise. 

All together, the elements of the new parabolic roof, the white walls and the vertical wall openings join into an image, which is inspired by a grand piano.

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