Z. Mosessco Architect and Town Planner Ltd. Is one of Israel's largest and oldest architectural firms. Established in the 1970's, the firm has designed over 3,000 projects in the total sum of 10,000,000 Square meters.

The first and foremost role of the architectural product in its different life stages is to please  the people, be them everyday users or passersby, provide their personal needs and please their aesthetic desires. Throughout our working process, we aspire to enhance the human experience, bringing together beauty and functionality.

Our firm consists of 40 architects, administrators, practical engineers and interns.

The office is a meeting point between seasoned planners and zealous young professionals who are making their first steps in the world of architecture. The cross-generational juxtaposition leads to mutual inspiration and continuous learning and results in "creating spaces that people like to be in", as Frank Gehry beautifully sums up the architectural mission.

As a user-focused firm, the distinctive handwriting that has been synonymous with our firm for the past five decades, evolves with every project and attunes to the needs of the client.

We lean on tradition and creativity and promote the adaptation of new technology and innovative materials. We comply with the strictest quality and safety regulations and take an active role in advancing architectural and urban planning and regulatory processes in Israel.

Our diversity and the different experiences that the team members bring enrich the atmosphere in the office and the day-to-day operation. Our heterogeneity is an essential part of an attentive and sustainable dialog with the people who we serve, be them institutes or private entrepreneurs, and of course, the end users.

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Maskit St 6

P.O.B 418

Herzliya 4610302

P: 972-9-7949400

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